Thursday, May 27, 2004

the problem with letting republicans run our culture

Ah, yes, now you can make sure that your kids don't hear someone who unwittingly triggered Armaggedon in Terminator 3 say "Dear God" while still allowing them the wholesome pleasure of seeing Arnold Schwarzenneger shove his female opponent's head into a toilet.

As David Pogue puts it in his New York Times article, "Add 'Cut' and 'Bleep' to a DVD's Options": " it is, the evidence suggests that ClearPlay's technology is not intended for families at all. It's for like-minded adults, specifically those who are offended by bad language and sexual situations but don't mind brutality, destruction and suffering.

"Maybe every ClearPlay-sanitized movie ought to begin with a message: 'This film has been modified as follows: It has been formatted to fit the taste, sensibilities and religious beliefs of a couple of guys in Utah. That'll be $1.50.'"

Once again, it's the people crying the loudest about the downfall of U.S. culture that are degrading our society the most. And sticking our country's fists in places we should not be, like Iraq.


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