Monday, October 16, 2006

One of those days

Click to enlarge.
This Monday turned out to be one of those Mondays that you wish you could have just stayed in bed. Aside from already getting tired of the 1 hour driving commute (both ways) I started off my Monday morning at work by being on the phone for 1 and 1/2 with about 5 "certain phone company" representatives. This was a work call and it was not fun for either me or the last representative I ended up with. We were both getting more frustrated as the call went on. I think she must have put me on hold at least 4 separate times. My theory is that she was testing to see if I would finally give up and just end the call by hanging up the phone during one of my hold sessions. Finally, the rep gave in and gave me what I wanted.

I had to do this whole frustrating phone call thing again just 1 hour later but with a different company. And then once again I was calling people trying to just get room rates for a seminar I need to go to next month. The hotel says there is no record of it being held there while the group giving the seminar says it is there (then promptly hang up on me). I wonder if that lady is having a similar day to mine.

I'm sure my staff knew how grumpy I was when I didn't join in with their questions and answers about how the weekend went for everyone.

The picture above is a picture of what I wish I could be doing right now. It's what I wish I could have been doing all day. (Plus I think it's a really cute picture.)


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