Thursday, June 03, 2004

A New Addition

Not only am I now moved into my new place (besides getting everything situated just right), I have a new arrival coming soon. I will be picking up my new little kitten tomorrow and will be bringing her home. As I understand it, she is gray with darker gray strips. I can't wait to pick her up. Huh. Is this how it feels when people adopt kids? I will keep everyone posted once my new addition to the household arrives.


At 7:48 PM, Bascom Guffin said...

Yay! A kitten! And what a coincidence, since I just adopted a youngish cat myself, in the great Guffin tradition of picking up strays. I guess Midnight was abandoned or lost for a few days, and lived out from of my house for those days. So I went ahead and took him in. He's pure black with green eyes, a handsome face, and a voice like Joan Rivers. He loooooves rubbing up against legs, except sometimes it's more like he's body slamming them. So excellent, he'll have another cousin! Can't wait to hear more about this new addition. - Bascom

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