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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Over the past few years Gussy and I have started collecting art. Some by friends and family, some by noted masters and others we just saw and liked.

Jade Relief 16"x16"
polyurethane resin
Cathy Hopkins, c.1974

Fruit Lady 36"x40"
oil on canvas
Cathy Hopkins, 1966

Untitled 4"x6"
oil on paper
Alexander Crokus, 1985

Morning Light 30"x36"
oil on canvas
Kevin Piyatilake, c.2002

Self Portrait 12"x18"
pencil on paper
Katie Hopkins, 2003

untitled 10"x14"
wood block print
Utigawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III), c.1850

Untitled 25"x46"
oil on canvas
L. Paivia?, 1968?

T-Mobile International 10"x18"
Frank Revi, 2003


G said...

so fun to see our stuff on line.

7:07 PM

Bascom Guffin said...

Hey Tim, that's some great artwork! If I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be "Morning Light", but you all have a consistently good eye. And I like the Hopkins family contributions a lot!

10:56 AM

Paul Guffin said...

Tim -- are Cathy Hopkins and Katie Hopkins one and the same person, just at different stages in her creative life?

I like what you and Gussy have collected so far? I look forward to seeing the real things......

7:22 PM


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