Sunday, June 20, 2004

Kitty update

As I have mentioned in my previous posting, I was adding a kitten to my little apartment in the orchards. Her name is Jasmine and she's a bundle of energy. She scales everything. And I don't mean she climbs and pull herself up, no. She flys and jumps and thinks she Spiderman, so I nicknamed her Spidercat as she is very good at scaling vertical objects in my apartment that she can get a grip on. Quite amazing and tiring. She also think her mommy, that's me, is a jungle gym. She climbs up my leg and onto my should where she sits like a parrot. She also attacks my feet and legs when I'm walking so I must shuffle around my apartment. I have accidentally kicked her across the rooms a few times. She just shakes it off and runs back to attack. She also jumps off objects at me when you walk by even though I'm 3 feet away. But sometimes she does get me. She doesn't sleep with my right now as she still attacks you even if you're laying perfectly still and she thinks 4am is play time. She is very cute and great company now that I'm on my own.


At 8:10 AM, G said...

She sounds great! I can't wait to meet your new kitty, and I think I'll have to wear extra protection on my feet so I don't feel any of those spidercat claws.

His her nickname spidey?

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