Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Calling All Christians

I would like to call upon our country and leaders to embrace a not-so-new morality. One that is based not on hate and fear, but on love and hope.

Let's look at the New Testament: Jesus never raised an army. Satan tried to convince him that he could use his power to simply take over and shape the world as he saw fit. It was during this time that Jesus uttered that famous line, "Get thee behind me, Satan." How did Jesus promulgate his word, utilize his power? He preached. He fed people. He healed people. He forgave people. When the Romans acted against him, he counselled his followers not to strike out, but to act in love.

His disciples did not raise an army to avenge his death. They walked out into the world, defenseless, and talked to people. They got crucified. They got tossed to the lions. They did not raise up an army to smite their enemies – they just kept talking and doing good works.

The New Testament marks a new relationship with God for Christians. It's a different way of walking in the world than before. Before, the Israelites were encouraged to go and slay their enemies. Now, God was asking people to talk to each other, to treat each other with love, to forgive even the most heinous crimes.

I would like to ask those who have chosen the path of Bush this year based on faith, with all that power at his fingertips, what sort of healing has Mr. Bush done? Who has he fed? What forgiveness has he shown? I want people to think seriously about the Christian values he has demonstrated (not Old Testament, but New – remember, Christianity marks a new relationship with God, and a new way to walk in the world). And then ask this country's leadership to truly practice what they preach.

People get frustrated when asked, "What would Jesus do?" But for Christians, this is the most valid question there is. A Christian's duty is to strive toward perfection, and this means emulating Christ. So please do not dismiss this question. Give it deep, serious thought, and act accordingly. And then ask your leaders to do the same.


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