Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Barkley's Death Toll

Who knew that cute little face could be so vicious? We have definite mass casualties. Here are the stats.

Death Toll: 7 toys and rising
Time: One month
Fastest Kill: 2 seconds
Circumstances: tore off the head of a stuffed mouse
Personal loss: 4 remote controls, his brand new collar (seen in the picture) and the clasp on a snow glove)
Favorite toy: Six sided squeaker - minus 5 squeakers (we took it from him before he shredded it that's why there's still a squeaker in it)
Favorite toy: Squeaky Man (he carried it out of the store with him)
Call for help: Heavy duty toys needed that last more than three days

The good news is, we got him this chewy tire toy that he seems to enjoy chewing and it seems pretty undestructable. We have also enrolled him in basic obedience school and he starts a week from Saturday.


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