Saturday, January 14, 2006

Search and Rescue

Justin and I are "advocates" in Search and Rescue. That means that were newbies looking to be a member, which takes several months. It took one guy 7 months before he was accepted. It takes so long because it's through the Sheriffs office and you have to go through an oral interview, background test, the whole works that the sheriffs go through. So we went to the regular meeting for the month to see what it was all about (which is every second Tuesday of the month). We also went a couple nights ago to a Swift Water Rescue Awareness class. I will be attending the canine unit meetings (the last Tuesday of every month). There are a lot of different specialty units within the main unit (the people in search and rescue are called "The Unit") meet by themselves to focus on the specific area that they specialize in. I must go to 4 classes without Barkley and then he will come with me and start getting trained. So hopefully I have enough time to get him into an agility course before he starts his specialized training. Justin still hasn't decided what to focus on. The helo team (helicopter) already has all the spots filled so he's thinking about over-the-edge-rescue. More exciting things to come.

Barkley's Here

Well it happened. Here is the new addition to our family. His name is Barkley. He's a 2 year old Pit mix. We brought him home from the Humane Society last Tuesday. He's just the sweetest dog. He loves running and he's ball crazy. He stays by our side all the time and he can walk off leash. Of course we only let him off in the yard and at the park. He's already got his training harness for Search and Rescue. Now he can go anywhere. Once we get some pictures on the computer I'll put some up here with his harness on. He doesn't mind it at all. I'm looking for obedience training classes for him and in the spring or summer he'll go through an agility class. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New year

A new year and lots of new stuff happening. I quite my job at the bank and now I'm looking for a new job in my profession, emergency services. I applied for a dispatching job for the city of Paradise, where I live. It would be nice to get a job here and not have to travel half an hour to work. Justin and I are joining Search and Rescue. I want to get a dog so I can train it for searching. A little Beagle would be so cute but I'll probably get a dog that's more "compatible" with searching. Now I have a little vacatin before I start a new job. A little snowshoeing, lots of house cleaning and some fun time is hopefully what's in store. But I hope it's not too long until I find a great job that I love. Until next time.